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Toronto Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation

The Laundry Depot specializes in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns. Your wedding day is the singularly most important day of your life and your wedding gown represents a sizable investment both monetarily and emotionally. You will want to keep it as a most cherished memento and perhaps to pass down to your own daughter one day. Professional cleaning and preservation will keep your wedding gown looking as beautiful as the day you stood at the altar and took your vows. It will remind you of that special, joyous event in your lives together.

The Laundry Depot will make sure that your wedding gown will remain in pristine condition for years to come. If the gown of your dreams is a family heirloom or a beautiful antique, we can also restore most antique gowns to their original colour and remove stains without damaging the garment.

The exclusive service provided by The Laundry Depot includes cleaning, preservation, and a special display container for storage. Your gown should be cleaned and preserved immediately after the wedding, so that stains do not become permanent. If you just hang it in a closet and ignore it, eventually the gown will yellow and fade. The Laundry Depot recommends that you make arrangements for the cleaning and preservation of your wedding gown prior to the wedding. In that way you will have peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of.

The Laundry Depot will carefully examine your wedding gown for spots, age, and wear areas prior to cleaning. Trims and bead work will also be tested to determine the best cleaning process to use. We carefully check for loose buttons, trim or beads, open seams, tears, damaged zippers, or any other repairs that may be required and determine which repairs should be done prior to cleaning or best left until afterward. Your wedding gown will then be hand processed, cleaned, and hand finished. Any repairs required are now carried out. We will now inspect your gown and make sure that it is in pristine condition.

The Laundry Depot carefully prepares your gown for storage. Never store wedding gowns in plastic bags which are prone to excessive humidity that gives rise to mold and mildew. Plastic is chemically unstable, gives off fumes as it decomposes with age, and will quicken the speed at which fabric deteriorates. The Laundry Depot provides you with very special packaging and container for the preservation of your wedding gown after cleaning. Always place your preserved wedding gown in a cool, dry place. Trust your precious possession to The Laundry Depot. We have the professional expertise to clean, preserve, and store your wedding gown so that you and generations to come may continue to enjoy it.

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