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Toronto Fur Cleaning, Repairs and Storage

Fur is luxurious, elegant, expensive, and must be treated with care. You can trust your furs to The Laundry Depot. Furs should be cleaned every year. After all, fur is hair and you wouldn’t leave your own hair unwashed, would you? During the normal course of wearing your coat in the winter, dust, dirt, salt, and other solvents will become embedded in the fur and must be professionally removed. In addition, fur absorbs odors and dirt very easily. Send your fur garments to The Laundry Depot each year prior to storage in order to keep them fresh and supple.

The Laundry Depot will carefully examine each fur garment to check its condition and to see if any repairs are required. The spots are then removed from the fur and the linings are cleaned by hand. At The Laundry Depot we use the Polarized Fur Cleaning Method. This is a dry process, meaning that the furs are not saturated with any cleaning solvents. A drum is filled with an absorben medium, similar to a towelette, and a cleaning solution is added while the absorben medium is tumbling in the drum. This ensures that the cleaning solution is evenly absorbed by the absorben medium. The fur garments are then added to the drum. The mechanical action of the tumbling combined with the cleaning solution will pull the dirt and oils from the fur. The silicon in the cleaning solution causes the fur hairs to separate from the other fur hairs, making the fur stand up and have a plush appearance. After tumbling, the fur is then either brushed up with a fur brush or it is glazed with a fur glazing wheel. Glazing is a process that brings out the natural luster and sheen after cleaning. Voila! Your fur coat looks like new again. The Laundry Depot will now examine your coat and make any necessary repairs. We can do repairs and alterations to all types of fur garments.

Did you know that in days gone by the fur garments were placed in a large drum with sawdust and tumble treated with a cleaning solution? Instead of sawdust, sometimes walnut shells or pumice were used. Unfortunately even though the garments were vacuumed to remove all of the sawdust, the furs retained sawdust. Ultimately this process was abandoned.

The Laundry Depot would like to make you aware that certain garments will require special care and that will affect the price. Chinchilla is one of the most rare and expensive furs and also one of the most fragile. If you are one of the fortunate few that owns such a prized possession, please make sure that it receives the special care that it deserves. Wear your Chinchilla for special occasions only. It attracts dirt and oil very quickly because of its very fine hair. Unfortunately, because of its very fragile leather, it cannot tolerate frequent cleanings. It also takes more time and care to clean reversible, fur-lined, or fur-trimmed garments than a regular fur coat. Whenever possible, the fur is removed and then cleaned as any other fur would be and the non-fur part of the garment is cleaned separately. The entire garment will be cleaned by hand in the event that the fur can't be removed.

The Laundry Depot will store your fur garments in a state-of-the-art climate and humidity controlled facility. We also offer storage insurance. In order to maintain your furs in tiptop condition it is imperative that they are stored properly after cleaning. The environment should be 55 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 55% humidity. Storing your fur at home will cause the skins to dry out and the garment to prematurely age.

The Laundry Depot will clean, preserve, and revitalize your furs adding to their longevity and your years of enjoyment.

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