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Toronto Laundry Services

The Laundry Depot will free you from the drudgery and time consuming chore of washing and folding your laundry. Our personal laundry service is ideal for your clothing, sheets, towels, comforters/duvets, pillow cases, hand wash items, or any item that is not labeled “Dry Clean Only”. We live in a world where time is at a premium and often measured in fractions of seconds. In many cases it is just not practical or cost effective to do your own laundry. If you are a busy professional, expectant or new parent, living in a temporary residence, do not have a laundry facility on premises, have an injury or handicap, need to replace your washer and/or dryer, or plain and simply just have better things to do, now is the perfect time to try The Laundry Depot’s Wash and Fold Service. Our personal laundry service is also a very thoughtful and much appreciated gift for new parents, elderly friends and/or relatives, or someone who is recuperating at home from an illness or post surgery. Our Personal Laundry Wash and Fold Service will give you the freedom from mundane chores so that you have the time to devote to the things that really matter in your life.

Call The Laundry Depot for our free pick up and delivery service and then put your dirty laundry in a bag. That’s all that you have to do. The Laundry Depot even provides free bags for regular clients. We care for your personal laundry as we would care for our own. Your items will be washed separately from the items of other clients. The Laundry Depot will identify the washing requirements of each item and then proceed to sort and separate your personal laundry into whites, lights, darks, delicate care, and hand wash in order to maintain the integrity of the fabrics and prevent discoloration and shrinkage. We use only the highest quality detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners (optional). The Laundry Depot provides a very special wrinkle free process.

The Laundry Depot offers a REGULAR SERVICE and a PREMIUM SERVICE. Our REGULAR SERVICE provides a Wash, Dry, and Fold laundry service. In addition, you may also have your clothes steamed or hand pressed at an additional charge per piece. Our PREMIUM SERVICE offers Wash, Dry, Steaming Process, Hangers, Folding, as well as additional attention to the packaging. Hand Press is also optional at an additional charge per item. The Laundry Depot Personal Laundry Wash and Fold Service is charged by the pound and by the item. Your regular laundry items like sheets, towels, and clothing are charged by the pound. Items such as comforters/duvets, pillows, jackets, and hand wash will be charged by the item. Quality comes first with The Laundry Depot. We usually pick up and deliver within 1 – 2 days, but we will do everything possible to accommodate rush orders when ever requested. Pick up and delivery can be arranged from your home or office at a schedule that suits your needs. The Laundry Depot is dedicated to providing a quality service and 100% customer satisfaction.

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