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The Laundry Depot provides the professional care that your comforters/duvets require. Many people ask if comforters and duvets need to be cared for differently. Duvet is merely the French word for comforter, so there is no real difference between a duvet and a comforter. A good quality comforter is quite expensive these days, but can be a very good investment if properly cared for. With the correct maintenance, your down or silk comforter can last more than 20 years.

The first thing that The Laundry Depot will do is immediately check the cleaning instructions of each item and then determine if laundering or dry cleaning is the appropriate method to use. Employing an inappropriate cleaning method can cause irreparable damage to your comforter. It is always recommended that you use a professional laundry service. Home washers and dryers donít have the capacity for a comforter. Harsh chemicals and detergents will weaken fibers and fade colours. Agitator style washing machines place stress on the comforter and damage the fabric. If your comforter does not dry completely, the fill may become mildewed or disintegrate. Conversely, if it becomes too hot, the heat can cause down to become dry and brittle and will result in the down clusters breaking. Shrinkage is another unpleasant possibility.

Down comforters, synthetic down comforters, and polyester filled comforters should be professionally laundered. Silk or silk filled comforters and cotton filled comforters should be professionally dry cleaned. Contact the experts at The Laundry Depot for the special care and attention that your comforter deserves and keep it in brand new condition for many years to come.

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