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The Laundry Depot provides professional cleaning and repairs for your leather apparel. Leather clothing has always been in vogue whether you are walking the runway or sitting astride a motorcycle. In fact, leather making can be traced back to twelfth century England. Proper leather care will preserve the beauty of your garment for many years to come. The Laundry Depot uses a biodegradable, environmentally friendly system that will carefully clean and restore your garments to their original beauty and softness. At one time stains like alcohol, milk, and blood were thought to be permanent. Now our state-of-the-art system is able to remove these stains from leather without damaging or discolouring your garments. The Laundry Depot is able turn back the clock and restore your leathers to a new appearance by re-dying the fading that occurs as a result of every day wear and tear. We even include a free water repellent treatment with every cleaning!

The Laundry Depotís leather jacket cleaning is the best way to preserve and protect your garment from the wear and tear of everyday life. Even perspiration and perfumes can cause staining. In order to keep your garments looking in tiptop condition, leather jacket cleaning on a regular basis is an absolute must. Depending on your geographic location, the elements may take a toll on your apparel. Our leather jacket cleaning will take care of the ravages of salt, snow, and rain. Due to the longevity of leather apparel, repairs and remodeling are real possibilities. The Laundry Depotís leather coat cleaning and repair service can remodel your leather clothing in order to update their look or repair the damage that years of wear can create. Linings, pockets, and zippers need to be replaced from time to time. Our leather coat cleaning and repair service can repair tears, re-sew buttons, or replace missing buttons and snaps. Revitalize your leather garments with new bindings, cuffs, and collars.

The Laundry Depot would like to share some information on leather apparel with you. Firstly, always shop at a reputable retailer. If you purchase a matching outfit, make sure that the pieces match in colour and texture. Simple styling is safer purchase. Ornamentation may be problematic or add expense to the cleaning process. Wear a scarf around your neck to avoid discoloration from body oils and perspiration. Send your garment out for professional cleaning as stains occur so that they wonít become permanent. While wearing your leather garment, do not spray hair products or fragrances that can spot, stain, or change the colour of the leather. Do not store leather in plastic bags. They must have air circulation to keep them from drying out. Let wet garments dry out naturally.

The professionals at the Laundry Depot will care for your leathers as we would care for our own. If at all possible send the care labels and hang tags with the garments. Please bring stains and spots to our attention. Never attempt to remove stains by yourself. You will most likely damage your garment. If you have a multi-piece leather outfit, have all of the pieces cleaned at the same time so that their colour remains consistent.

With proper maintenance and the professional care of The Laundry Depot, you will be able to enjoy your leather apparel for many years to come.

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